About Us



WYK Empower was established in January 2021 in the UK as a Not-for-Profit Community Interest Company and brought together an international community of professional women and youth.As a group of women, mothers, youth and professional women, we come together to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals through empowering Women, Youth & Kids globally to take the lead to create more democratic and liberal communities.

WYK, in this mission, is developing new accredited curriculums for capacity building in each country and that fits within the needs of the people within each community in the areas of Human Rights, Gender Equality, Conflict Transformation and UN-SDGs encourging more liberal and democratic societies.

WYK’s goal is ambitious but feasible: WYK Empower strives to be one of the interstitial safeguards and implementation tools through which young people, women and kids, especially the most vulnerable ones, would gain valid and practical skills, knowledge and guidance to direct their life and future in a safer, peaceful and sustainable way. Educating women, youth and kids through human rights on human rights, gender equality, democracy and conflict transformation, WYK initiative aims to empower the most vulnerable and marginalized people, to disengage them in the possibility to witness or perpetrate acts of violence, discrimination, abuse and inequality and improve their lives involving them firsthand. The educational program will be delivered tailored according to the needs of their own society, in their own language, whilst they will be trained and empowered along the way. We believe in peace, human rights, diversity, equality and a conflict free world for all and believe that the only way to achieve this in all its forms is through education first.

We provide support to our beneficiaries from the earliest stage of their learning cycle to the final stages of succeeding in a venture, project, community initiative or their own business, in areas linked to resolving problems addressed in the SDGs through research, employability and leadership skills, helping them to become future Agents of Positive Change within their communities, nationally and internationally creating more democratic and liberal societies.

WYK works with schools, NGOs, UN Organizations and other partners both in the UK and in Jerusalem to pursue its initiatives for women, youth and kids providing specialized courses, helping women and youth to get involved in research within their subject areas and contributing to a research journal and to help them develop and implement their ideas aiming to operationalize any one or more of the SDGs within their communities, nationally and internationally.