Valeria Martin

Youth Human Rights Teacher

Zeina Abu-Libda

Youth Trainee Human Rights Teacher

An expert in education and background in pedagogy education, Valeria Martin has recently graduated at the University of Studies of Trieste, Italy, in Biological Sciences and Technologies. She was member of the Students Council board where she was actively involved in awareness on climate change, migration routes, human rights, and intersectional feminism. 
She had volunteered in the Italian Red Cross. After the ambulance training, she had been teaching the course “Italian for foreigners”. The learners were people who had recently gained the status of refugee. 
She truly believes that being a volunteer teacher and curriculum developer is an amazing opportunity; to help children finding the motivation to be the agents of change the world. 

Young aspiring trainee youth human rights teacher from Palestine with a passion for learning and teaching kids and youth about their rights and how to resolve conflicts. Zeina has a passion for interior design and will be starting a university course in this area. Through this experience Zeina will learn how to implement sustainability in her area of expertise. 

Kamilah Khan

Learning and Development Mentoring officer

With a BSC in Business Information Technology and having 10 years’ experience while working in the humanitarian sector, most recently with UNICEF & with charities supporting youth & Women Kamilah has a passion for support the WYK Empower cause in empowering Women, Youth & Kids around the world.

Simran Dalvi

Youth International Policy and Compliance Manager

Simran Dalvi is a lawyer from Mumbai, India with an interest in international law, international affairs and global policies. She works in the capacity of an international policy and compliance manager, here at WYK.  It gives her immense pleasure to be a part of the WYK team because she believes in our vision and in the goals we wish to achieve. Simran feels together we could help millions of people all over the globe

Angham Sawalha

Youth Publications, Research & Social Media Specialist

Angham is the Coordinator of the media team in the “Law for Palestine” organization, holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and media, and a master’s degree in “democracy and human rights” from Birzeit University, a part-time faculty member at Al-Quds Open University, and a member of the preparatory committee in many conferences and events related to Human rights, women and youth. Angham has a passiom for WYK work and joined us to support women, youth and kids

Nour Kharouf

Youth Human Rights Officer & Researcher

Nour a Legal Researcher at the Law for Palestine Organization with a  bachelors degree in law from An-Najah  National University. She is Interested in international law and international human rights. She participated in the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition, and wrote about environmental justice in Palestine. She believes that all women and children shall be able to achieve their goals regardless of the surrounding circumstances. She joined the WYK Empower because she aspires to assist women and youth in Palestine to become more aware of their rights and obligations, achieve their goals, and turn their dreams into reality

Muhammad Abdullah

Youth Trainee Accountant

Muhammad came to UK and Joined a Local school at the age of 14. He managed to complete his GCSEs then went on to do business Vocational accredited course earning 180 credits at Sir George Monoux college and finished his course at college. He felt that the university route is not for him and so he decided to peruse his career through an apprenticeship. In order to get an apprenticeship, he realized that it will be valuable do a traineeship to get some experience. He joined WYK Empower through a traineeship program has managed to gain relevant experience. This traineeship he is currently on has allowed him to gain experience in the working environment as well as enhance his knowledge by being introduced to multiple training courses online. These courses have also helped him carry out the task that’s given to him daily. Muhammad receives daily mentoring and support from the WYK Empower team in order to fully benefit from his experience at WYK Empower and support him in his work.