We Offer

Business, work and learning Opportunties through fun/engaging online/Digital and face to face capacity building in rights, gender equality, conflict transforamtion and UN-SDGs. To give Women, Youth, Kids & public school teachers the tools and knowledge to become leaders of change in their communitys and globally

What We Do


— We Serve Local Needs

We create new innovative curriculums based on our areas of expertise and curtail these to the needs of each state, people and culture developing new curriculums to suit their context whilst providing an international accreditation to provide opportunities for marginalized, disadvantaged and vulnerable Women, Youth  and kids to continue high quality education locally or internationally! We also develop new curriculums for Public School Teachers in marginalized areas to fill the skills gap in school and to stop violence at school.

— We Build Networks

We have built partnerships with local partners in Palestine/Jerusalem with the experience, knowledge and transparency of working with local marginalized, disadvantaged and vulnerable groups to help learn from their experiences and be able to fit our services within the needs of the people. We are developing an online platform to be used by ourselves and local/international partners for online capacity building! We are building networks in the UK to develop our services for the Women, Youth and Kids in the UK. We are building networks to develop our research center and portal whilst also creating new work and business opportunities.

— We Educate

Through empowering marginalized, disadvantaged and vulnerable Women, Youth and Kids through a free new unique accredited curriculum for capacity building, face-to-face and through our E-Learning portal, building their confidence through learning how to research their ideas and test feasibility. We work with schools, women and youth centers to deliver this support. 

— We Strengthen

Marginalized Communities by operationalizing the UN-SDGs with Youth & Women leaders of change, Public Schools in marginalized areas supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged Youth and Kids through Teacher Training courses to fill the skills gap and give better learning opportunities to kids with a human rights approach to teaching with fun Education techniques and digital skills for online learning deterring any effects of closures in pandemics, conflicts or post conflict settings for Teachers.

— We Provide Care

 We support our beneficiaries from the start of their learning journey through to empowering them to create ideas and know how to implement them and bringing their ideas to life through community projects or developing their own organizations to resolve community problems. We continue to support them through this journey with mental health and mindfulness support through our local partners activities and services.

— We Consult for Life

To be a lifetime companion for Teachers, Women, Youth and Kids through a lifetime Alumni support service and to keep empowering them beyond the Programme! Supporting them through health, fitness and mental health through our services in collaboration with local partners and keeping them on track with their work and initiatives! Our research development will continue to develop new ways of support, cater for changes in societies settings and how to complement the needs of different cultures and religions.